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13. There are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands

13. There are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands

Yes, the rumors are true – the Dutch are the world’s tallest people, with an average height of cm. Dutch men are also the tallest globally, standing on average at cm. This is good news if you are single and seeking a tall, (not so) dark, and handsome man in the Netherlands! Some researchers say that environmental factors such as low social inequality, universal healthcare, and heavy dairy consumption are all contributing factors. So if you want to grow a few inches taller, it might be worth hitting the Dutch cheese markets!

There are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands, many of which are open to visitors throughout the year. Some windmills, such as the 19 at the Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage Site, are still being used to drain water from the land. Others, such as Molen de Valk in Leiden, meanwhile, are used to grind grain into flour. Like many windmills in the Netherlands, this also includes a museum and invites guests to peek inside and learn about its history. Only a few windmills still operate commercially in the country, but they are still well worth a visit if you get the chance.

14. The Dutch produce around six million souvenir clogs each year

You won’t find many things more iconically Dutch than a pair of wooden clogs.

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