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Is Sexual Compatibility a Thing? We Asked a Sex Expert

Is Sexual Compatibility a Thing? We Asked a Sex Expert

Have you ever asked yourself the question: are we sexually compatible? If so, same here. Maybe your first experience with a sexual partner in the bedroom wasn’t the greatest (that can be normal), and you start to wonder if you’re sexually incompatible. Then time passes and the sex still isn’t what you’re looking for . . . That’s when a lot of us say thank you, next. But the truth is, sexual compatibility is more complex than many of us take into account. Emily Morse, PhD – sex expert and host of popular podcast Sex With Emily – acknowledges that sexual compatibility is very real, and agrees that it’s “incredibly important”. But, what many people don’t realize is that it’s possible to build sexual compatibility over time. So if you suspect you might be sexual incompatible with someone you otherwise adore, all hope isn’t lost yet.

The catch? With “good sex” comes communication. In fact, Dr. Morse laid down all her best coffee meets bagel ne demek tips to improve your sex life and get libidos on the same page, and the most important takeaway is that “you’re both willing to listen and stay open to trying new things with each other.” But the fact is, not all of us are great at communicating our needs in bed – it can feel awkward or weird. But given that great sex is at stake, we’d say it’s worth getting a little uncomfortable.

What Is Sexual Compatibility?

Sexual compatibility is when both parties are satisfied with their sexual experience and have the same shared set of needs.

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