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Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis) Varieties Status Comparison

Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis) Varieties Status Comparison

U.S. Seafood and Creatures Services (USFWS). 2021. Healing Arrange for the brand new Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis). Midwest Local Workplace, Bloomington, MN.


Centered on a review of rusty patched bumble bee observance details, in most years, brand new rusty patched bumble-bee may only feel effective more than ground between regarding the February 15 because of Oct ten and you will April 10 due to October ten, southern area and you can north out-of 42? latitude, respectively. Regardless San Angelo TX escort service of if sky temperatures is that lead so you’re able to craft later on throughout the slide, cessation out of journey “seems to be timed into passage of local slip plants,” as the listed from the D.F. Schweitzer although some for the 2012.

The new rusty patched bumble bee was active lower than a general diversity out of conditions, however, remains dead whenever standards are too cool otherwise rainy. A study one to incorporated five bumble bee kinds receive minimum determined heavens heat getting affairs one to ranged regarding step three.6 to several.6°C. There is absolutely no comparable studies for the rusty patched bumble bee, however it is practical to assume the species would be productive between start and dusk at the temperature only about cuatro°C (39°F) in seasons revealed above. Bumble bees don’t generally fly when conditions was foggy, wet or drizzling. Sunny days with lowest piece of cake rate, out of less than 8 mph, are optimal, nevertheless they usually fly through the sub-optimum requirements.

  • Latitude
  • Latitude >42degrees Letter: Overwintering period is actually October ten through April 10. Nesting Months is April 9 using Oct nine

Schweitzer, D. F., Letter. A good. Capuano, B. Age. Young, and S. R. Colla. 2012. Conservation and you will handling of Us bumble bees. USDA, Tree Solution, Arizona, D.C. 17 p.

Physical Functions

All of the rusty patched bumble bees keeps a generally reddish top thorax, which have a black spot or band between the wings that will continue toward the rear inside the a-v-shape, resembling a thumb tack.

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