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Right here, also, he begins to establish just what an excellent

Right here, also, he begins to establish just what an excellent

priest really does, that’s, brand new do so off his characteristics. “For each large priest are constituted to provide gift ideas and you may sacrifices: wherefore it’s of necessity this particular guy has actually a little in addition to provide. To own when the he was on the planet, he ought not to also be a good priest, seeing that there are priests that provide merchandise with respect to the law: just who suffice the icon and you can shadow out-of heavenly things, because the Moses is actually oracularly told when going to result in the tabernacle: to own, See, saith he, one to thou make all things according to the development that has been shown to thee throughout the hill. Nevertheless now hath the guy obtained a more advanced ministry, of the how much and additionally they are brand new intermediary from a much better covenant.” Hence, before the guy gets in on the subject of the fresh sacrifices in detail, the guy requires observe of one’s covenants, and you may thence the guy draws a reason on well-known prophecy inside Jeremiah, where God announces that days was indeed upcoming when he would generate a unique covenant.

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